Media in Transition (MiT)

Pre-Conference Workshops

The pre-conference workshops are organized by members of the Media and Culture Studies department (Utrecht University) on 25 June 2018 from 10.00-13.00. Participation is free of charge and not contingent on attendance of the conference, but registration is required! Please note: the workshops will take place on the campus of the University College Utrecht, Campusplein 16-19, Utrecht unless otherwise stated.


Data Walkshop: Engaging with the Datafied City
Hosted by: Karin van Es (Utrecht University) & Joanna Redden (Cardiff)
Meeting point: Utrecht University, Drift 13 (room 005), Utrecht
(max. 15 participants)

Data walking, popularized by Alison Powell at LSE (see, creates a process for observing, reflecting on and seeking to intervene in how data influences civic space. Following a brief plenary discussion, we will split into smaller groups to observe, discuss and record the infrastructures and processes of data and datafication in the city of Utrecht. Each group will be asked to do so through a particular ‘matter of concern’ (e.g.surveillance, ownership ethics) and its member assigned a specific task in documentation. Afterwards we reconvene to reflect on the maps generated, and the items and narratives collected. If time allows we will also consider possibilities for creative responses.

Let’s Play & Ludoliteracy
Hosted by: René Glas & Jasper van Vught
Location: University College Utrecht, Locke Hall/classroom C.
(max. 15 participants)

To understand the contemporary game experience does not just mean analyzing games but taking into account the act of playing itself. In this workshop, we will engage with the notion of play as a fundamental part of game literacy through the creation of small Let’s Play Videos. In this process, we will not just focus on how different play strategies lead to different readings of a game. We also show how different situated player contexts function as reference points for making sense of the game, showing the importance of play as a methodological consideration. Comparing and discussing the results of the Let’s Play Videos allows for more critical, self-reflective forms of engagement with this increasingly popular, often contested and highly complex media form.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP GOT CANCELLED! Media Literacy Through Making Media (MMM): A Key to Participation for Young Migrants
Hosted by: Sanne Sprenger, Hemmo Bruinenberg, Ena Omerovic, & Koen Leurs

Location: University College Utrecht, Locke Hall/classroom A.
(max. 25 participants)

Young migrants, and particularly refugees, have received a lot of attention in news media, particularly during the recent so-called ‘European refugee crisis’. These young people however do not commonly have a say in how they are represented. Politicians, government officials and journalists generally speak on their behalf and frame them as dependent, dangerous, at risk, immature, in need of help etcetera. This workshop explores to what extent training young migrants as critical media-makers and establishing greater awareness of the politics of representation can increase their resilience needed to amplify their voice and stake out their position in a society new to them? First, we will share and reflect upon experiences of our 2-year Media literacy through making Media (MMM) project, which is oriented towards developing a media-production and smartphone journalism oriented media literacy training with young newcomers and teachers in the Utrecht region. Secondly, we will pool knowledge and resources in the room and brainstorm about how and in which way media literacy can be mobilized to address the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities. Thirdly, using their own smartphones, participants will experiment with hands-on media-production exercises in small sub-groups. Finally, we will show and discuss created footage.

Scenographic Mapping: Exploring Urban Frictions from the Perspective of Scenography
Hosted by: Sigrid Merx & Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink

Location: University College Utrecht, Locke Hall/classroom B.
(max. 20 participants)

Platform-Scenography, a Dutch platform of scenographers and dramaturgs co-founded by theatre scholars from Utrecht University, is interested in the question of how spaces work both in and outside the theatre, and how, in their specific material manifestation, structural organization and locatedness, they produce and facilitate potential actions and experiences. We are not interested in what a space might represent or what it means, but how it performs. What does the space do? What does it do us, how does it affect us? What does it allow us to do in it and with it? And how does it do that? Moreover, we want to find out what spaces do and how they perform, not by thinking about these spaces, but thinking in, with and through them; by going into the spaces we want to explore, observing and mapping them, preferably with others, because thinking space for P-S is a collective practice that benefits from a multiplicity of perspectives, experiences and knowledge. In this workshop, we will collectively explore public spaces from the perspective of scenography with a focus on spatial manifestations of ‘urban frictions’.